Memorial Pillars will be returned. Mawhera Incorporation Chairperson fails to say "Sorry."

RNZ news reports that the pillars will be returned to the Grey Main School Reunion Committe. That is, unless the Greymouth Mayor steals them back first. This article at stuff.co.nz has Mr. Maika Mason's statements. Long story short, he says we did it so we didn't get stuck with them permanently. The rest of what he says is _so_ unlikely to help the situation.

Skunkthorn! They rock sharp and smelly!

Here I am rocking out at a Skunkthorn concert. I filled in my Facebook profile with my favourite music as 'Skunkthorn, Marty and the Fax Machines, and The Titanium Aubergine Pesudo Choir". muerk wanted a picture of me at a Skunkthorn concert, so here it is. I'm hereby declaring that Skunkthorn is the greatest, sharpest, smelly-est band that never existed.

Behold awesome distilled

From Linuxdevices.com, Bill Buzbee constructed his own homebrew computer based on his own microcoded ~4MHz CPU. The construction is wire-wrap, and uses about 200 74-series ICs. If that wasn't cool enough, he's retargeted a C cross-compiler to port Minix for it, and demoed the thing. Also, he's put the full schematics on his website too.

Buzbee is my new hero. He scores 0.95 +/- 0.1 Woz.
Make that 950 +/-100 milliWoz. Sounds better.

Yes Professor Knuth, that's the way /uh huh uh huh/ I like it.

from Knuth:
THEOREM 2.                                                 
There exist arbitrarily long songs of complexity O(1).     
PROOF: (due to Casey and the Sunshine Band). Consider      
the songs Sk defined by (15), but with                     
           Vk = 'That's the way,' U 'I like it, ' U   (16) 
           U = 'uh huh,' 'uh huh'                          
for all k. []
   It remains an open problem to study the complexity
of nondeterministic songs.

excerpt from The Complexity of Songs. A Computer Science student friend told me about this paper back in '94/'95, and I just rediscovered it today.

Eagle vs Shark

I'm sure this has been in the pipe a while, but I haven't seen anyone mention it on LJ. The trailer looks brilliant. Napoleon Dynamite-esque +Kiwi. The website (doubleplus flash) perfectly matches the feel of the movie too. I got Team Eagle. Good - 'cause eagles are slightly better than sharks.

The Last Starfighter, The Bishop of Battle, and Emilio Estevez' Rat's Tail.

My mother, who I thank for introducing me to scifi by taking me to see Logan's Run back in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and seventy something, dropped off a VHS tape of The Last Starfighter. I remember the movie, and the game very fondly. The movie was cool 80s scifi - back then, anything with aliens and a budget was cool. Starfighter was super-mondo-extra-cool because it had computer graphics (rendered on a Cray X-MP, which is cool by itself - let alone when it makes imagery for a movie with aliens), and a videogame.

Right about that time, the affordable VCR and the affordable home computer arrived on the scene too. I could watch the movie without waiting for a re-screening or its appearance on TV. While I don't currently endorse or practice illegal duplication of computer software, I have - in the past - been familiar with the phrase "ARRRR!", thus I could also play the never-released original Atari version of the game over and over. So I thought I'd look up Starfighter on the 'net. To my surprise, other people out there really liked Last Starfighter too. Other people with time and skill. Really really liked Starfigher. So they made it. Wow. Also they made Space Paranoids from TRON.

Just when you may have thought things couldn't get any more 80s video-game-movie crossover esoteric, I find they made The Bishop of Battle from Nightmares(1983). Whoa. I thought I was the only person that remembered that movie, and it had passed unnoticed from this world. Nope. Not only have RogueSynapse recreated the game, and Nightmares(1983) is out there somewhere on DVD, but also, and best of all, iMockery mocks it. If you click only one link on this entry, make it the last one. Maybe I can tempt you by quoting, "Emilio Estevez, powered by the sounds of punk on an ancient Walkman, is a video game master named J.J. Cooney." and "and yes, that is Moon Unit Zappa playing the Starhawk game".
Premium stuff.


1987 : Prozac makes its debut in the United States of America.
1987 : Japan produces this cure for depression...

... and now I have one... In that colour scheme, although it says "HONDA" where the picture shows "Hurricane". Here's more about the CBR600F Hurricane. I particularly like the part where it says "...enough power to make the Hurricane the first 600cc sportbike to cover a quarter-mile in under 11 seconds".

I used to ride motorcycles. For quite some time, I rode motorcycles bigger than this one. Now, it's been about 10 years since I rode, and my attitude to personal velocity has changed. My attitude to personal acceleration is still just the same. Unfortunately I can only experience a couple of seconds of blissfully quick acceleration before I've reached my maximum legal velocity, which I'm now much more careful to observe.

I'm also now much better equipped to survive a mishap at velocity. My new riding gear is some kind of special tear-resistant nylon with pockets that contain foam padding or hard plastic armour. It makes me feel like Batman. Without an Alfred to help me suit up, though, there is quite a delay before I can answer a bat-signal.

These are some of my problems. They are problems I'm very happy to have.
Oh yeah, nearly forgot the best aspect of this concerns muerk. To paraphrase Batman, "It's the bike, chicks dig the bike."