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Five of us just had our second session of MegaTraveller. Yes! I found an RPG running in Greymouth. The GM and one player were in a game that ground to a halt (after 100+ sessions) about ten years ago. They want to get it going again, so the plan is to link this new game into the old once the characters are up to that level. That's expected to take some time. Sessions are 4 hours or so every fortnight.
MT is highly task based, and we've got a reasonable spread of skills, except that nobody had "Wheeled vehicle" better than 0. Thus, the worst at shooting became the driver. Fortunately our van was destroyed in combat before we managed to crash it on a courier run. Now our boss has us in a wreck of a ship ("CrystalIron isn't supposed to rust", "There are supposed to be 3 computers on a ship.","Quick buy us 4 Vacc Suits with PLSS before we take off"), helping the insane owner-operator with some kind of treasure hunt.
My character is the engineer of the group, which the GM assures me will be helpful in battle, since this modified version of MT has provision for engineering playing an active role in ship combat. Woo! Though, instead of a Scots accent, I'll try Liverpudlian since I'm "Ringo Kirk". At least nobody asks "What was your character's name again".
Tags: megatraveller, ringo, rpg

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