shoei_mike (shoei_mike) wrote,

BASIC to batch to Delphi to PostgreSQL to Python and back again.

The old DOS/PDS BASIC app I've been working on for the past 20 years or so (with some breaks to do other stuff) was purely Microsoft PDS BASIC (and a little MS-DOS batch language) until recently. Now parts of it are in Delphi, some of which contain SQL queries, since it's now also a front-end for a PostgreSQL database running on a Linux server, with python scripts doing some processing on that data. That makes 5 languages I had to code for, not including the HTML generated by python cgi-scripts on the server. It's rapidly becoming a Tower of Babel.

Delphi (+ZeosLib) is nice for making a pretty Windows UI for your SQL database and as command-line middleware between BASIC and the SQL server. PostgreSQL is like playing Zork with databases. Python is effectively concise..
The server side of the same project has involved Debian with bind, dhcpd, lighttpd, iptables and ulogd - in addition to the aforementioned PostgreSQL and Python.

Busy. Very busy, but having fun too.

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