shoei_mike (shoei_mike) wrote,

"With the information I can access, I can run things 900-1200 times better than any human."

I've been writing Delphi code to log data from an ethernet-TCP/IP connected PBX. People make calls, the PBX sends out a line of text with the details. We used to log this on the serial port, but serial ports aren't cool anymore. An Indy client component seemed to be the best way to do this, so I coded and drew forms for an app. Since the PBX had not been delivered yet, for testing, I made an Indy server app which needed some kind of greeting message to send to the client. Obviously this should be "Greetings, program." Little things like that help to keep you sane. Later, the PBX arrives. It's about the size of a large old-style desktop PC, with six modules. What should be the name of the module that controls everything?

There is no way I'm going to hook that thing up to a laser. I'm not even going to turn my back on it.

End of line.

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